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lokacija   IMS-INVEST d.o.o., Planjava 4, 1236 Trzin-IOC, Slovenia          imsinvest mail          imsinvest tel   +386 (0)1 560 22 06           imsinvest fax    +386 (01) 560 22 05

Karl Iljaz

The company has been founded and run by Karl Iljaz.
''We excel through our agility. We are not afraid of challenges, we solve any problem we face and always deliver results.
We operate under the belief that anything can be solved or improved. Every day our team is working hard to discover sustainable solutions and deliver results to our customers. Our dedication towards providing impeccable service is our advantage and it is what sets us apart from the competition. We realize that by helping excel our customers we will excel also.
Our purpose for the future is to always improve and grow. Our agility makes us be on the look out for new opportunities and to adapt to market changes fast. I am proud of the work we have done so far and excited to be apart of the future growth. ''

Karl Iljaz
Cofounder and Chief executive Officer
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