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lokacija   IMS-INVEST d.o.o., Planjava 4, 1236 Trzin-IOC, Slovenia          imsinvest mail          imsinvest tel   +386 (0)1 560 22 06           imsinvest fax    +386 (01) 560 22 05

We are a strong believer in community. We strive towards a better world, a world of kindness. We help our communities when in need. During natural or economical difficulties, we send our available resources to the people of the affected community to ease their situation.

We have made it our company policy to provide a safe and secure working environment for our team and the management of products and operations. We are constantly evaluating our performance and monitoring the safety of our actions and our products.

We are aware of our surrounding and strive to keep our community and our planet safe and clean. We are committed to contribute our part of global efforts to improve the environment. In our construction field we contribute to reducing greenhouse gas CO2, NOx and SOx emissions with the use of low temperature asphalt mixtures, which save energy, maintain a healthy environment and consequently the health of our community. Our company will continue to strive to be the practitioner of environmentally friendly technology for a better and prosperous future of our children. Additionally, we are bind to respect the laws of Kyoto agreement in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the EU.

We are proud to say that we have obtained a certificate of business excellence 'Excellent SME Slovenia from the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce.
The main objectives of the certificate is to increase the safety of operations and confidence and easier and faster business decisions with less risk to the customers and business partners.


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